"The Fastest Bath in Brooklyn" Tote by Camille-Bettina Atkinson

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Celebrate Black History Month everyday!

"The Fastest Bath in Brooklyn recalls a kid so excited to read her haul of Black History Month library books, she takes the fastest bath she can-if she did at all. Her Gran knows what's up and it makes her laugh every night. I am a big sister and was a nanny for a long time, and I've never met a child who didn't Love books. I still have If You Give a Mouse a Cookie memorized! Bedtime stories are a universal joy, those moments are precious. They stay with us forever. If we are lucky, we are read to as children and we are most lucky to read to young people when we get older."

Camille-Bettina Atkinson, a native New Orleanian, worked as a performer in NYC, having called Brooklyn home for 25 years. You can find her paintings, portraits, protest signs, and illustrations online


  • Medium Grocery Enviro-Tote cut, stitched, and printed in the USA
  • Size: 18”W X 15”H
  • Material: 15oz Natural Cotton Canvas
  • Handle: 1” W Natural Spun Poly Web