Dewey Pins Set Collection

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398.21 Mermaids

551.457 Beach

791.35 Sideshows 

A fashionable reminder of NYC’s favorite summer getaway, Coney Island. This pin set captures the spirit of the original amusement park with Dewey Decimal numbers representing mermaids, the beach and sideshows in oceanic shades of blue.


398.2 Fairy Tales

741.5 Comic Books

790.133 Toys 

Wear your nostalgia on your sleeve, backpack or jean jacket. This pin set embraces the magic of childhood with the Dewey Decimal numbers for fairy tales, comic books and toys.


387.5 Space Shuttle

523.6 Comets

629.418 Weightlessness 

Looking for pins that are out of this world? Your search stops here with our cosmos pin set, featuring the Dewey Decimal numbers for space shuttle, comets and weightlessness.


394.125 Brunch

581.632 Edible Plants

641.5 Cookbooks

A pin set for those with a taste for the finer things in life (or for that friend who’s always hungry). Our foodie pins feature the Dewey Decimal numbers for brunch, edible plants and cookbooks.


635.964 Lawns

811 American Poetry

974.723 Brooklyn History

Show the world that you, too, contain multitudes with this Dewey Decimal pin set celebrating all things Leaves of Grass: lawns, American poetry and Brooklyn history. Fun fact: the first edition of Walt Whitman’s famous poetry collection was published in Brooklyn, New York!

The Dewey Decimal Classification is (c)1996-2017* OCLC, Inc. Used with Permission